Zayed’s baby steps

Venture close to Zayed Khan and you’re sure to be left with a feel of the bustle and activity around him. While sister Farah recently launched a range of men’s jewellery, there is another big project in the wings. His father, Sanjay Khan, is soon to launch his own production house by the name, Kingdom Films, in which Zayed plans to play a major role.

Zayed says, “My dad is in the midst of launching the production house and making his own films – as producer, not director. There are already about seven to eight films lined up and I’d love to work in them if he wants me to,” he laughs. Zayed studied a course in filmmaking, in London, which included scriptwriting and direction. Will the production house be an opportunity to hone those skills? “Oh yes. Though it’s a bit premature to talk about, I will help my dad in every way I can. In fact, when the idea came up I told him he has an in-house team all ready and waiting so he should go right ahead with it,” he says.

At the moment Zayed says it is test time for him. “My next film Rocky is all set to release. I always have the jitters before the release of my movies, but more so for this one as it is a solo project. Frankly speaking, I miss doing solo films. Of course, it has its pros and cons, the pros are that you are more involved, creative and excited about the project. The cons are that the entire burden is on you.”

Zayed’s other projects, Cash and Speed, sound like action-packed thrillers. Does he do anything different here from what he has done before? “I certainly hope I seem different in all my movies,” he laughs.

“As for Cash , it’s on steroids!” he laughs, “I can best describe it as a Mission Impossible meets James Bond. It’s a big budget film with great special effects and all sorts of innovations. We have some awesome Hollywood technicians working with us in the film and it’s going to be an entertaining, larger-than-life movie. It should release early next year.”

A few months ago, during the Rockstar show, Salman Khan gifted him a fabulously expensive Rolex watch. Did that gesture leave him stunned? “I wasn’t stunned,” says Zayed, “Salman has a reputation for gifting people he is close to with expensive things like watches. But I was pleasantly surprised and I thought it was a very endearing gesture. We are in touch all the time as our families are very close and we hang out together.”

Marriage seems to have sobered Zayed down tremendously. “I don’t like to think I have such an image,” he says. “I’d like to think I was only protecting myself in those fights. But I have sobered down. There’s a saying which goes like ‘You can be happy or you can be married’… well, I’m happily married.”

Coming to wife Maleika, does she have career plans as well? “There are many baby steps to take before that,” Zayed says, “We’ve just got married and there are many things to do before we get down to that. First, we’d like to spend time together and then start a family. Everything else will follow.”

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